One of leading chemical manufacturer in textile industry
Sunichem has focused on research and production
of specialty chemicals and materials.
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Products cover the entire textile chemical processing

We are committed to achieving excellence and creating values through innovation and sustainable development. The power of science and synergy motivates us to passionately explore for new technologies, where our success can benefit the clients, our own employees, outstanding partners. We have new original products introduced to the market every year.

One of leading chemical manufacturer in textile industry
Research & development, manufacture of a range of textile chemicals. Sunichem's chemicals and service will continue contributing to better fabrics, better quality of life and a safer environment.
Core Competence
  • Enterprise qualification
    We have research units in Connecticut, US and also 3 research centers in China
  • Research & Collaboration
    We work closely with researchers from top institutes
  • R & D Achievements
    Numerous national awards Over 100 patents
  • Quality Control System
    We have a very strong quality control center
Global Sunichem
Since our founding in 1994, we have established merchandising network covering over 30 countries and districts in the globe.